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    Tata Genuine Coolant


    GC 2200 Np Ready to  use coolant has been specially engineered for Tata Cars. Use other coolant, which are not genuine product, may lead to premature system failure and drop in vehicle performance  

    Attention : This product is factory prepared to the Tata recommended concentration. Do not dilute further with water or any other liquid. Do not touch with hand as it is poisonous.

    Direction for Use

    Remove the used radiator liquid from the vehicle and clean the radiator interior. Install GC 2200 NP Ready to Use coolant directly into radiator till full. Pour into expansion bottle till between the marks.

    Ready  to use vs concentrate

    Question : Why should i use a ready to use’ coolant of a concentrated version?

    Answer : 1. Normal water which is mixed with concentrated coolant has high hardness and corrosive elements, which leads to drop in coolant strength and service life, thus requiring frequent changes.

    1. Normally a 1 litre concentrated coolant is mixed with varied quantities of water resulting in wrong concentration of coolant in  your car, leading to corrosion, deposits and water pump seal water.
    2. A ready to use’ coolant is factory prepared with special additives at the correct coolant concentration which adds strength and service life.
    3. A ready to use’ coolant will maintain a uniform concentration throughout and is also extremely convenient to use.


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    DOT4 Tata Motors Genuine Brake Fluid


    DOT 4

    TITLE : Synthetic heavy duty premium quality brake fluid.

    Usage : For automobile brakes and clutches system Dot 4 ( to be used  in accordance with the Tata Motors vehicle manual)

    Ingredients :  Polyalklene Glycol and Glycol ethers along with anti-corrosion and anti-rust agents.

    Directions for use :

    1. Follow Vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for usage.
    2. Maintain brake fluid level between max. & min. levels in reserve tank.
    3. Keep brake fluid container clean & dry. Contamination of brake fluid with dirt, water, petroleum products or any other material may lead to brake failure or costly repairs.
    4. Store only  in original container. Being a hygroscopic fluid, on ingression of moisture, its vapourlock  will increase and boiling will decrease  which will make braking less effective.


    Warning : Avoid spilling brake fluid on brake lining and car paint.